Antigua Vil­lages Tour” $44

This tour will take us on the high­way for a bit to reach the town of San Anto­nio Aguas Calientes.  We will visit the town square and the local tex­tile mar­ket.  There we will get to visit the tex­tile museum and see the tra­di­tional mayan out­fits of local vil­lagers around Sacate­pe­quez.  On our way back we will go to Ciu­dad Vieja  (the first cap­i­tal of Guatemala) and pass by vis­it­ing the towns of San Miguel Esco­bar, San Pedro de las Huer­tas, until reach­ing the indige­nous town of Santa Maria de Jesus at the base of the Agua vol­cano. We fin­ish off vis­it­ing Earth Lodge or Hob­bite­nango at El Hato on the oppo­site end of the valley.

Once in El Hato we take a short hike down to “Earth Lodge” to enjoy the views, relax on the ham­mocks, and grab a snack.  Last stop is down the moun­tain to “El Cerro de la Cruz” where we can get a birds-eye-view of Antigua.

Zip-Line, Pad­dle Boats & Boots Tour” $39

This is our longest and most adven­tur­ous tour.  We will head all the way to “Los Aposen­tos” in Chi­mal­te­nango where we will visit the local lagoon and try the locals zip-line that goes over the water.  You can also take a pad­dle boat in the lagoon or swim in the local pool for a while.  On our way back we will visit the town of Pas­tores famous for its won­der­fully made boots.  We fin­ish off by vis­it­ing Earth Lodge or Hob­bite­nango at el hato for a nice lunch to enjoy the views from the side of the mountain.


This tour will take us up to the base of the “Vol­can de Agua” to the indig­i­nous town of Santa Maria de Jesus with an alti­tude of over 2,070mts above sea level.  We get to visit the local mar­ket at the town’s square. As we make our way back down to Antigua, we will cross the city and head over to El Hato located on the oppo­site side of the val­ley.  Once in El Hato we take a short hike down to “Earth Lodge” to enjoy the views, relax on the ham­mocks, and grab a snack.  Last stop is down the moun­tain to “El Cerro de la Cruz” where we can get a birds-eye-view of Antigua.      


Antigua Motor­cy­cle Tours Sched­ule
Tour When Morn­ing Evening
Antigua Vil­lages Tour Mon­day to Sunday 9:30 N/A
Earth Lodge Moun­tain Tour Mon­day to Sunday 9:00 1:30
Zip-Line Pad­dle Boats & Boots Tour Mon­day to Sunday 10:00 N/A

Antigua ATV Tours
Vehi­cle 2 Activ­i­ties 3 Activ­i­ties When
MULE 4X4 $100 (5 per­son capacity) $140 (5 per­son capacity) Mon-Sun 8:00 A.M –3:00 P.M.
4-Wheeler $45 (per person) $60 (per person) Mon-Sun 8:00 A.M. — 3:00 P.M.
Motor­cy­cle $35 (per person) $45 (per person) Mon-Sun 8:00 A.M. — 3:00 P.M.

All tours leave from our Calzada Santa Lucia #18 loca­tion unless requested upon to leave from a hotel or our 6a Avenida Norte #60B location

Cuatri moto yellow "Mules


Santa Maria de Jesus”

Is a munic­i­pal­ity in the depart­ment of Sacate­pe­quez about 10km from  Antigua Guatemala.  It is located under the slopes of Vol­can de Agua.  This town has a height of 2,070 meters above sea level.  Its cen­tral square has a tem­ple built in the sev­en­teenth cen­tury with a carved entry arch.  One of the most indige­nous vil­lages around Antigua where Span­ish and Kaqchikel (the local lan­guage) are spoken.

Cerro de San Cristobal”

Cerro de San Cristo­bal is an organic farm on a hill­top about 10 min­utes from cen­tral park Antigua.  It has a spec­tac­u­lar view of the colo­nial city and the Pan­choy Val­ley.  The menu is based on the fresh­est pro­duce from their gar­den.  The house spe­cialty is the garden-to-table salad, picked fresh when you order.  Their mostly veg­e­tar­ian menu, with gourmet raw-food and pescatar­ian dishes.

Earth Lodge”

Leg­endary home cooked meals, one of the best views in Guatemala, a relaxed atmos­phere, clean and com­fort­able rooms, friedly staff.  Whether you’re an out­doors enthu­si­ast or a couch potato, Earth Lodge has plenty to keep you entertained.

Finca La Azotea”

La Azotea is a small cof­fee plan­ta­tion located on the out­skirts of Antigua. A nature trail leads vis­i­tors from the museum com­plex to the farm’s nurs­eries.  Fr0m there you can walk through the shade cov­ered plan­ta­tion observ­ing cof­fee plants in their dif­fer­ent stages of growth.  The dif­fer­ent process of plant­ing and han­dling cof­fee are labeled in each sec­tion for a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the com­plex man­age­ment required for grow­ing the high qual­ity cof­fee for which Antigua is famous


Is located at a height of 2,400 mts, with breath­tak­ing panoramic views of 5 vol­ca­noes, whish is both inspir­ing and cap­ti­vat­ing.  It is in the entrance of a pro­tected green area, with a huge vari­ety of birds, wildlife and pro­tected tree species.  Their food is organic, healthy, and deli­cious.  All just 25 min­utes from Antigua, Guatemala.  Come to Hob­bite­nango to dis­con­nect from civ­i­liza­tion and recon­nect with nature to expe­ri­ence the moun­tain.  You can enjoy deli­cious food, refresh­ing cock­tails, and an amaz­ing scenery.

Val­halla Plantation”

A Macadamian nut plan­ta­tion close to Antigua and open to the pub­lic.  Sam­ple macadamia nuts, choco­lates, and macadamia skin care prod­ucts.  Find out all about the his­tory of macadamia trees and how they are cul­ti­vated and processed.  You must try the leg­endary macadamia pan­cakes made with macadamia flour and nuts, served with macadamia but­ter and blue­berry jam.  You sim­ply must try them!  There are also other break­fast dishes and sand­wiches on the menu.

Chateau De Fay ”

In 2002, Jacques and Angie DeFay decided to take a leave of absence from their con­sult­ing busi­ness in Falls Church, Vir­ginia to start a vine­yard and win­ery in Guatemala.  Why Guatemala? Accord­ing to Jacques it was the most beau­ti­ful coun­try he had ever vis­ited.  First as a staff mem­ber of an orga­ni­za­tion of the United States and sec­ond as an econ­o­mist for the Inter Amer­i­can Devel­op­ment Bank, Jacques had vis­ited Guatemala on numer­ous occa­sions while con­duct­ing tech­ni­cal assis­tance projects and nego­ti­at­ing loans for the bank.  He had been in Antigua, Lake Ati­t­lan, and Chichi­cas­te­nango spend­ing many days walk­ing through the streets of Guatemala City and Antigua.  At that time he expe­ri­enced the friend­li­ness of the Guatemalan peo­ple.  He had promised him­self that one day, he would return and live in Guatemala after he had fin­ished his inter­na­tional career but never dreamed of start­ing a vineyard.

Antigua Churches”

Vis­it­ing Antigua is like step­ping into a time-machine that takes you back over 300 years.  This city is dec­o­rated with remark­able old build­ings.  It is curi­ous to find so many reli­gious build­ings between such short dis­tances from one another, but there is a dif­fer­ence in each one of them.  Antigua has a wide vari­ety of them.  Antigua used to be the main city of Cen­tral Amer­ica at one point in his­tory and it is now the most impor­tant tourist cen­ter in Guatemala.  It was founded by the Span­ish in the 16th cen­tury and served as the cap­i­tal city of Cen­tral Amer­ica for over two cen­turies.  That is why the region’s archi­tec­ture has a Euro­pean style from the colo­nial times.  You def­i­nitely don’t want to miss the amaz­ing churches in Antigua, many of them had been dam­aged because of the seis­mic activ­ity of the region that is reg­u­larly rocked by earth­quakes because it is located in between three vol­ca­noes: Fuego, Agua, and Acatenango.


*** Tours can be done with or by mix­ing mul­ti­ple vehicles

***Cha­teua DeFay only avail­able Sat­ur­day & Sun­day with at least 1 day prior reser­va­tion. **Price varies **

***When choos­ing 3 activ­i­ties, not all activ­i­ties may be avail­able depend­ing on the time of the day.


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